Hey, this is Chaitya Shah, I’m doing my Bachelors Computer Engineering from Dharamsinh Desai University, Nadiad. This Blog refers on how Microsoft has made a strong impact on my life.

I started using a computer almost 7 years back with The Windows XP Operating System, since my first interaction with the Windows XP and till date with Windows 8.1, Microsoft has been one of the basic needs of my day to day life. The first Microsoft game application I played was Pinball and the first Microsoft program that I used was MS Paint. MS Paint was just fun then and it was a platform on which I used to flaunt my ability of design. Later, I commenced working on MS Office, which is still an integral part of my life. I use MS Office almost everyday for productivity. MS Word has made it lot easier to write my documents in much proper layout. The PowerPoint helped me to make Powerful presentation that has made drastic impact on the audience. MS Excel has maintained my records throughout my studies. MS Access is helping me learn how to make and manage the Database efficiently and so on. OneNote is assisting me in keeping my stuff organized.

Microsoft is also making a great impact on a gamer like me, The Xbox which is a gaming platform has took the gaming experience to a next level. When I play any game on Xbox it feels that I’m playing in the second real world and it has even improved my imagination a lot. It gives a “Virtual Real World experience”. The Skype has made the world smaller and has made it easy to interact with people and face to face conversation much better even when they are not with you with the help of video calling. My day fails to end without a Skype call, be it voice or video.

As a Computer Engineering student, I have coded in Visual C++ that has made my work possible and I love to code in that, Visual C++ is a fast and easy programming language that saves a lot of time. Many more things about Microsoft are like dream come true for the Microsoft products users in all around the world as well as on me. I’m using a Windows based phone, and I’m telling you that I’m not feeling it less than a computer, the Windows smart phone is itself a desktop computer. Personally, I like the dynamic tiles of windows Operating System I like them the most. The phone is really fast and sufficient for most of needs.

My whole journey with this IT giant company has now influenced me to be a part of Microsoft Student Associate Program. If I get selected as a Microsoft Student Associate, I’m sure that I can make people use the MS products in a better manner and with much better understanding. Also, I would to love to conduct seminars on MS products.

It will be a dream come true and I will really be proud if I get selected as a Microsoft Student Associate.

Thank You

Chaitya Shah